There’s a definite learning curve when delving into a new form of expression and, while I have no (dis)illusion of perfection, I’d like to at least not look too dorky! Having said that, I’ve decided that I would like to post at least daily, even when I’m not exactly sure what to write about. You shouldn’t be too surprised, I’m definitely a “by the seat of my pants” kind of gal.

Anyway, on these freedom days (I’ll come up with something better to call this, I promise!) I will share a poster of a quote I like on one of my own photographs. Which brings me to what I learned today. I thought (there I go thinking!) that:

  1. I couldn’t protect my images in this blog with a watermark or copyright, keep in mind, this is an easy to use templated site so I’m not coding it myself (HAHAHAHA “coding it myself” ~ woo hoo I’m hysterical!!)
  2. I couldn’t upload an edited photo (except for cropping it once I upload)
  3. the image would also be textless, which takes away from the whole wanting to use quotes and all.

So. Not. True. I figured this baby out! And today is only day 2 of the blog!!

Here’s the poster, I call it “Beginner” (apropos, no?!)


Oh by the way, please feel free to suggest quotes,  I’m up for any kind of help! But don’t be upset if I don’t use yours, especially right away… I do plan on doing this for a while! (If you’ll indulge me!)



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