Photowalk One (2013)

In this new journey I’ve begun, I’ve put together a few goals to keep me creating. One of them is to do Photowalks. Simply, it’s an organized way to get out and shoot photos. Some will have visual concepts like snow or flowers or a specific color, some will use new (to me) camera/shooting techniques that change from walk to walk, and some will be running themes (like my rescue cat, Louden… you’ll get to meet him one of these days.) And then I’ll post what I think are the best from the shoot ~ and maybe a “runner up” for a poster with a quote, too. Who knows?!

The first photowalk of the year was the day after the last measurable snowfall we had here in February, and it was still snowing at the time, too. That day on Facebook I posted:  “Today’s photowalk brought to you by the word “snow” and the number 55 (shout out to Sesame Street! lol!) ~ yeah, 55 shots ~ plan the concept and then take photos without getting too much in the way or over thinking.”

55 photographs. Total. Not that many really, especially when using a digital camera considering there’s no waste of film or processing and the “bad” ones can be easily deleted, so I could have taken many, many more… but it was cold and snowing and, while you’re probably thinking I was being wimpy, I was actually caring for the camera. As they say “that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!” Out of the 55, I think 4 are worthy of viewing and for sale.

Before I forget, lets talk a little about how I protect the photos here. You’ll notice the giant “property of” watermark. While it may not keep someone from ‘stealing’ the photos, it hopefully will deter them a bit. Keep in mind, this is how I make my living and, as much as I am happy to share my knowledge and experience with all of you for free, a girl’s gotta pay bills. So the photographs? Not-so-much on the freeness here on the blog. I do have them for sale (with only the signature as permanent text) on my gallery titled “New” at: ~ on this site you can see how they look matted and framed. My default is a white mat and black frame, but there are tons of other mat and frame options ~ and printing options.

Without further ado, here are the top 4 out of the bunch.

Bench  Cross the BridgeSnowy Creek Flowing

I hope you enjoy these. I know snow and cold isn’t for everyone… but at least they’re only visual!



3 thoughts on “Photowalk One (2013)

  1. Michele says:

    While I can’t wait to see my favorite cat as a subject, I Love Love Love these!!! The bottom one is my favorite. I love the ripples in the water!


  2. Sara says:

    Your photos are so inviting! I wish i was walking with you.


  3. artbycarol says:

    thanks ladies!
    Sara… next time I’m nearby, we can!


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