Rocky Path

I was wondering what I’d talk about today… and then I got an email about some funding I’d been working on having to be put temporarily on hold. So lets talk about that, shall we? And, yes, I know this part can be kind of dull… but I’ll add a nice photo at the bottom to amp up the excitement! YAY!!

First, let me say clearly that I have no special insight into funding. What I have is my own experience in finding and writing and waiting and re-writing and waiting and finding another and writing and waiting… ad nauseum (you do know that I could keep this up for an entire page, right?! lol). I know how it feels to be told no. But mostly, I know how to be patient. (ok, I’m working on the patience… but I’m getting better!)

As far as I can tell, no entity that you request funding from is going to reply the next day with “oh, ok. here’s your money” (** Having said that, if anyone knows of anyone who would do that, please send them my way! Seriously!)  In the meantime, I’ve learned some very valuable things so far, like:

  • Be prepared!
  • Have long and short-term goals for your business.
  • Have a business plan, including a specific first year’s budget.
  • Do plenty of research on both your business and the funding/grant entity.
  • Be willing to be flexible, without losing sight of your goals.
  • Keep doing what you do ~ for me, photography and painting and a new blog ~ regardless of the funding status.
  • Look at more than one place for potential funding.
  • Communicate and don’t be afraid to ask for help! (BTW, if you’re not sure where to start and just “googling” the internet seems a bit intimidating or overwhelming, it’s been my experience that one of the best and underused resources available is your local librarian. I have yet to meet one who isn’t truly happy to help you in your quest, no matter what it is!)

And that’s just the beginning!

Here’s that motivational poster I promised (YAY again!)

Rocky Road of Funding

Rocky path text on a rocky path photograph ~ clever, ain’t I?!

Choosing to be an artist as a career not only means being creative and talented, it also means small business ownership. Luckily, I have a supportive family and some brothers who are top-notch in understanding business and giving their sister much appreciated insight, information and support!

So that darn email! Funding is just temporarily on hold… and the gentleman I’m working with believes in my project(s) and will continue to guide me through all of this. I could’ve looked at it as a set-back, but I prefer to think of it as something better is coming down the path!  hmmm… maybe I should’ve put “Stay Positive” on that poster, too!


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