Photowalk Two

As I have been going through and editing photos, I realized that I may have a few of the photowalks dated backwards (heads-up: get used to it ~ and I mean me being backwards ~ I have! lol!) The ones that I’m posting today are actually from earlier than the ones I posted in “Photowalk One”.

And now I’m realizing that no one besides me would actually know that if I hadn’t admitted it. (lol!)


My idea for the year is to get out and do photowalks (or plein air painting) at least a few times a month. The concept is to support me getting out and being creative. I can’t really call myself a photographer if I don’t pick up the camera and shoot, right?!  And the ones I feel are best will also be for sale on my online site  in the “New” gallery.

This photowalk netted 46 photos. I’ll repeat from day-to-day that in the digital world of photography, 46 is not a lot. A goal for me is to not look for the “perfect shot” but to get out of my own way and take photos freely ~ I actually wonder how many more natural photographs I’m missing by over-thinking…

One of things I love about winter is how the world looks after it snows (and before the snow plows get out) and how the pristine whiteness makes everything beautiful. I mean, an oak tree with no leaves in the dead of winter has its own beauty in the starkness of the branches and how they spread out across the bleak sky ~ but add snow and all of those harsh lines are softened and lightened.

From the 46, these are the 3 I feel are the most show-worthy:

Winter Trail Winter Woods Branch on Snowy Bench

To me, there’s something welcoming about these shots that pulls me in and makes me want to walk around in them or sit down and simply enjoy my surroundings. And I don’t even mind the cold…


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