Meet Louden

In photography, it’s a good idea to have subjects that you shoot consistently ~ that way you can’t use bad weather or lack of ideas as an excuse to not shoot. It can be anything: a pet, a plant, a tree, a barn, etc., just anything that inspires you.  Again, to be a photographer,  it’s about being creative and using your camera.

Today, I’m introducing you to one of my consistent subjects. I’ve literally taken hundreds of photographs of him, but would guess that less than 30 are any “good” ~ he moves.

Here’s his story, in a nutshell:

My cat Louden is considered a rescue animal, although not by conventional definition. He appeared at my brother and sister-in-law’s house, apparently abandoned. He was a bit scrawny, missing lots of fur, and his pink ears were black from mites. My sister-in-law (from here on known as SIL, because it’s less typing) scooped him up, took him to the vet, cleaned him up and gave him a home… until he met me. At that point he said “Ah, there’s my human! She will make excellent staff!” In the meantime, he’s grown all of his beautiful white fur back, his ears are pink again and he’s back to his healthy weight of 17.2 pounds (yes, he’s supposed to weigh that much, he’s either Angora or Maine Coon or both, and they’re big breeds).

He’s been with me pretty much ever since I moved, which is about 4+ years now, and has moved and traveled with me ~ but I give all the credit of his rescue and health to SIL.

Without further ado, meet Louden. My most used and favorite, albeit sometimes reluctant, photography subject.

Talking as usual

This is typical ~ Louden talking. He talks. A lot. There’s always something to report, something to say.  Having said that, he’s also mostly deaf because of the mite infestation. It doesn’t keep him from talking though. Not. At. All. I’m not sure how SIL named him, but I’m thinking that it’s because he’s LOUD when he talks (that’s what I’m going with anyway, even if it’s not the true origin!)

He is not the first cat that has chosen me as staff, but he’s certainly the most animated and has the biggest personality. I’m pretty sure this is his usual response to my camera:

Character for sure

I’ve never considered myself a cat person, I like dogs, too. But how could I resist that face?

Louden has his own gallery online (he’s spoiled!) for photos and posters go to ~


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