Having fun!

Yesterday I started doing some prep work for my next photowalk challenge, where I’ll be trying a new (to me) technique called Bokeh. Basically, you cut or stamp a shape out of the middle of a faux lens hood, rubber band it to the lens, and shoot.


The result will be a multiple “blur” of the shape you’ve cut out… which you’ll have to wait for because I’m just starting this.

I’m going to be using several different shapes for the lens hood, and I’m looking for different settings for the background (day, night, outdoors, etc). I’ve also read that you need to use black paper board or heavy cardstock, but I’m going to play with colored cardstock, too. I don’t know what that’ll do, but I’m gonna anyway. Why? Because it’s the experimenting that makes it fun!

I’ve never done this technique before ~ quite frankly I’d never known the name of it until about 3 months ago ~ and I’m really not one to be conventional when it comes to pretty much anything creative. However, this is where you really need to know how to use the manual settings of your digital camera. Again, by using a digital camera, you’re not wasting money by purchasing and developing film, so more experimentation = more fun!!

By the way, sometimes it helps to have an assistant…

Prize Assistant

“Sometimes” ~ other times they’re just a giant, white, fluff-ball of in-the-way!

There are “experts” who will tell you exactly how a technique “should” be done ~ but what’s the fun in that? and you can’t put your own mark on anything creative that way…

but the best and most fun way to break the rules is to know them first!


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