Last Snowfall (…of March?)

Weather’s fun, right?! One day it’s sunny & warm and the next it’s not-so-much.

Right now, it’s snowing! I won’t bore you with my usual waxing poetic of how pretty it is. (You’re welcome) Regardless, I’m confident I’m one of the very few people who continues to enjoy it (especially in late March).

In fact, I told Louden it was snowing and this was his reply:



I thought “what an angel” (<— that needs a sarcasm font!) But it put the lightbulb over my head when searching through photographs for today’s poster:

two angels

Two angels meet (awww!) I’m sure Louden will take 100% credit for the idea, too! It even looks like he’s leaning in to listen to the angel (don’t be fooled, he’s still a cat! hahaha!)

There was no plan to be outside with the camera anyway today and I have enough photographs of snow for this winter ~ with the exception of mountain snow, which I’d love to go shoot but, alas… no mountains here… but totally a great reason for a road trip, right?!

Definitely going to pencil that into my photowalk challenges!


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