Photowalk 3

There’s something about old buildings, barns especially. Combine with the trees of winter and a cloudy day and you’re in for a special treat! And, you have today’s photowalk subject.

I know I’m not the only one who appreciates the true beauty of old barns and buildings. However, I would venture that the vast majority of the people who drive by (and perhaps the owners) see only a worn-out, dilapidated shell of a building on the verge of falling over ~ if they even notice them at all. But, despite what you see at first glance, there’s so much life in those weathered exteriors… a testament to standing strong in the face of harsh weather and time. Sounds like life, right?!

As I went through all of the photographs I took (which was 89 this time! getting freer!) I noticed I’m drawn to the red ones. I didn’t give that any thought as I took the photographs, in retrospect I think it may be the blast of color, or contrast, in an otherwise bleak setting.

Here are the 3 barn photographs I like the best:

Hidden Old Barn

Old Barn and Fence

Big Red Barn

And this old stone building. It seems happy in this state, since it doesn’t seem to have changed in all the years and 100’s of times I’ve driven by.

Old Stone Two Old Stone One

(all prints for sale at my online gallery

There are people who would say these buildings were better back in the day when they were new. Personally, I think the beauty of these buildings has grown as they’ve aged.

Who knew I had such a romantic soul?!


4 thoughts on “Photowalk 3

  1. mymindseye53 says:

    I love this, I feel we are kindred spirits. I have not been on Word Press for all that long. I joined about a year ago but just recently started contributing. I am now figuring out how to use the reader. Glad I found you and I am looking forward to seeing more of your work.


    • artbycarol says:

      Thanks so much, Maureen! I’ve only been on a few weeks, but I’m learning new stuff on Word Press pretty much every day (I just found the reader 2 days ago!) I’ve followed your blog and I look forward to seeing more of your stuff, too! Thanks for writing to me!


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