Density… I mean Destiny

As I continue on writing this blog, eventually you’ll notice themes to my beliefs ~ if you haven’t already. One is that I live my life in fun! While this not the subject for today I want to say here that I’m well aware that sometimes life just isn’t fun ~ I’m not a total Pollyanna ~ but when there is a choice (and for the most part there is) I choose fun! (also see: happiness!)

That brings me to what’s on my mind today: Destiny.


I’m certain that I’m finally doing with my life one of the things that I am meant to do ~ living/working as an artist (and now blogger about that very thing).  I feel like I spent many years searching and questioning how I live my life and spend my time and wondering what I contribute to society, but never finding the answers.

My life has been a roller coaster. One I didn’t much care for, quite frankly, for a long time… It took me years to realize that being an artist is a gift that should be embraced and shared ~ and more years to figure out how to actualize this life (still working on that!) and to build courage to step into this life and lean into, and use, the fears that come with it (and the acceptance that this, too, is an ongoing process!)

So instead of fighting it, I simply throw my arms in the air and enjoy the ride. (this would be a great place for a roller coaster photo. I don’t have one. Remind me this summer to take some…)

I don’t believe in the inevitability of fate, I believe in the probability of destiny. And that instead of searching for answers, I simply need to live the journey before me.


(excellent quote!)

I’m well aware that I’ve made a ton of mistakes in my life’s journey so far (I plan on making a lot more, too!) and, as odd as it is to say this, I would relive my mistakes all over again in a second (ok, maybe not “all” of them!)

I guess I believe that living life includes making (a lot of) mistakes ~ they help you grow and gain confidence ~ and with each perceived mistake, you walk that path you’re meant for.

Your destiny.


4 thoughts on “Density… I mean Destiny

  1. amctampaexecutivecareers says:

    Reblogged this on AMC Tampa Executive Careers.


  2. Mary Veit says:

    Well said, Carol. I’m in the process of making changes in my life and like you, I’m enjoying the ride!


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