Who’s watching whom?

Beautiful day. Sun is shining. It’s finally starting to feel like spring (I even put the snow shovel away! yay!)

With the warmer weather and sunshine comes more creativity it seems (brain thaw?) and, like anyone else who is subject to ‘spring fever’, I’m ready to be outside!

I’ve been coming up with more photowalk ideas, too: silhouettes, shadows, lens flare, low angle, high angle, perspective.

Perspective. Good idea! Along those lines, I thought I’d take some shots of the trees before the leaves come out:


Wow! That’s one really big leaf! (psst, it’s not a leaf, it’s a bald eagle)

I kept watching it as I got to the one spot that would give me a clear shot, and I noticed I was being just as carefully watched (not sure if it was determining if I was a threat or a treat!) This was the only shot it allowed me to take, it even took evasive maneuvers as it flew away.


It was just sitting in a tree and then flew away.



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