Photowalk 4

I see green things! GREEEEEN!!! The world is no longer hum-drum-brownish. And the sun is shining! And the temps are warming! (wow, do I have a severe case of spring fever!!!)

Just out in the backyard, there’s a long (10-12 foot by about 1-2 foot) patch of lilies that are stretching out of the soil, so to celebrate spring (or combat the fever!) I did a photo-lie-on-the-ground (as opposed to photo-walk. hahaha!).

I did this for a little under an hour (hope I don’t catch a cold from lying on the ground for that long, although I was on a small blanket.) I also played around with the camera settings and added filters. I ended up with a total of 98 photos! Some of them were really, really BAD! I have to say though, it’s kinda fun to not care if you take bad photos!

The theme I was going for was perspective. To see the plants from that level and up close.  I chose 4 to share today.

With this is one I used a filter:


This one focused on the foreground:


This one focused on about the middle-ground:


So did this one, but I found some other plants in there too:


I think these are all good examples of perspective. They all look like they’re fairly large plants, but the tallest one stands a whopping 3.3 inches (yep, I took a measuring tape to it! ha!) See? Cool, right?!

Not every photograph you take is going to be good ~ really, really not! But like I keep saying, the point of a photowalk is to take photos and get out of your own way, stop over-thinking and striving for perfection.

Every walk is an opportunity to learn what works and what doesn’t, and gives you an “excuse” to use the many different camera setting options and photography techniques.

My creative tips for today?

  1. Take that dslr off “auto” ~ please!!
  2. And have fun!

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