Unstick Yourself

There are definitely days that I feel stuck (today… yesterday… a couple of times last week…) and now with committing to writing this blog, there are times I let some of the self-imposed pressure get to me and block the creativity. (see how I said that? I “let” it get to me and it’s “self-imposed” ~ more choices ~ and not good ones, quite frankly!)

There are zillions of photography techniques (really, I counted) to keep my creative juices flowing ~ I can use the camera settings or different subjects, sight-lines, visual “tricks”, etc., ~ and I’ve mentioned not over-thinking and getting out of my own way ~ all of that keeps me from staying stuck. By the way, these techniques work for drawing/painting too… except the camera settings of course! haha!


Of course, that quote also reminds me of the immortal words of Yoda: “Do or do not. There is no try.” Yeah, I just quoted Yoda ~ let the nerd flag fly! haha! But I’m talking about over-thinking, not trying. Mental note to save that for another day.

Now, I admit, there are days (ahem, today) that even those ideas seem too much, so I have a back-up plan! We’ll call it “today’s creative tip” and here ya go:

Make a list of 10-20 places in your town to photograph ~ don’t pre-qualify it as having to be “fun” or “interesting” or to fall within a specific technique or camera setting, that will just add to the voice in your head already saying “I’m stuck”. Every town (yes even yours, believe it or not!) has great places to shoot! Chances are you’ll see even more once you’re out and about. Remember, don’t over-think it…

If all else fails, get up early and shoot the sunrise or head out at dusk. As the old saying goes: “You can sleep when you’re dead” ~ um, oops not that one! This one:


“…The wise photographer will do the math and not waste any of them.”

I’ll take my own advice now. Grabbing my cameras and tripod and heading out to shoot something! Maybe I’ll see you out there, too!


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