People say the darndest things

Yesterday I was out on a photowalk by the riverfront. It was such a beautiful day, it didn’t surprise me at all to see many people out strolling and biking.  Days like these are definitely the days I feel lucky to be my own boss (my boss is the b-e-s-t boss!!)

What I’m noticing about being a photographer, now that I’m putting myself out there more, is that photographers get the some of the strangest looks and comments. Nothing says “crazy-lady” like lying down on the ground in front of an old-timey firehouse to get that up-angle shot! (believe me, I got the looks! haha!)

But it seems that the comments can get a little crazier. In fact, I had just taken a shot and turned and a stranger came up to me. The exchange:

Stranger: “Excuse me, you’re carrying a camera, right?” <pauses, glances at camera> “Where are the eagles?”
Me: “Um… pardon?”

At the time, I wasn’t even taking photos of birds… or the river… and, I’m not sure that it matters but they did not have a camera or bird-watching paraphernalia of any kind (although one friend pointed out that they could have been inquiring about the rock band! haha!)

In their defense, I’ll take this time to explain that there is a small island in the middle of the river that attracts eagles pretty much year-round, and on days like yesterday one could assume they’d be pretty active.  And those 2 questions in succession probably made sense to them in their head (I’m hoping). But… What? My gears had to turn quite quickly to get from station A to station B on that train of thought!

Anyway, I did tell them where the best place to spot the eagles was and they thanked me… and proceeded to head in the opposite direction (I assume to the car?)

I shared the story with a friend who has been a professional photographer since college. He replied that he, too, has gotten many strange comments over the years and shared one of his all-time favorites:

“Nice camera! What radio station are you from?”


4 thoughts on “People say the darndest things

  1. hahahahaahahahaah!!! Gotta love the general public. 🙂


  2. Karen Mary says:

    As the famous Walt Garrison once was quoted, “People are funny critters.”


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