April Showers


I like the way it sounds. I like the way it smells. But I especially like how relaxed it makes me and how easy it is to sleep when it rains!

This quote is a favorite of a friend of mine:

April Showers

It rained last night (I suppose it could have been this morning, I don’t get up early… what I know is that it was that refreshing springtime rain that seems to wake up the world) and it inspired the use of the quote ~ if you look closely, there are raindrops on the tiger lilies, too.

The springtime awakening was even more evident when I went for my daily run-then-walk (I do both, in that order, seems logical to call it that!) Everything seemed more green and I noticed that even some flowers were starting to make a break from the soil and the leaves are starting to sprout from the tree branches. And the guys who live behind me have their 4-wheelers and bikes out (definitely a sign of spring, right?!)

I’ve said before that I am not one to complain about the weather ~ it’s not like complaining is a super-power that will change it anyway.

Dance in the Rain

It just so happens to make me happy to think there’s something beautiful to be seen in all kinds of weather.


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