Teacher and Pupil

Each day presents a new way to create and express in my world and in my own unique voice. I’ve noticed that when I do so for myself, it’s much more freeing and expressive than when I pay too much attention to what other people think ~ I have learned to create because I want to and I feel I have something to say, even if no one else seems to be listening.

There is a fine line between looking outside of ourselves for approval and self-worth (and potentially being too concerned about the opinions of others) and not looking outside ourselves enough. Both options present the opportunity for growth ~ if taken in moderation or they may become an obstacle for growth.

Teacher and Pupil

I know when I get caught up in that fine-line-dance, that is also when I get stuck ~ and when I need to step away (perhaps for some chocolate!), take a deep breath to clear my head and then choose what next step to take. (did I mention chocolate? works. every. time.)


Being an artist is about finding a way to say what I have to say, and then not worrying about the results or opinions or criticisms of others. In the end, it’s about bringing something into the world that could have only come from my own creative imagination. It’s not about them — it’s about me.


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