Photowalk 5

On one of the first nice days of spring last week I went for a walk on the waterfront ~ these are some of the photographs from my afternoon about town.

A mix of old and new architecture:

Old and New

A guitar leaning on a park bench:

Resting Guitar

Postcard view of the waterfront:

Picturesque Waterfront

Playful shadows of the seats at the outdoor amphitheatre:

Seat Shadows

Under the old wooden (still used) train bridge:

Under the Train Bridge

Rusty wheel from a vintage firehouse wagon:

Vintage Wheel

Something in each scene caught my eye: the juxtaposition of old and new, the serenity of a familiar view, objects and shadows…  a seemingly random group of photographs bound together by a simple theme.

So get out there and shoot! See for yourself that one of the many fun things about doing a photowalk in your hometown is how it can renew your interest in your surroundings ~ and you’ll see that there are so many more walks to take!


One thought on “Photowalk 5

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