Dream Large

Something to Think About: It’s never too late to have a dream and bring it to life.

Pursuing dreams is something I believe in ~I suppose a lot of it comes down to being able or willing to take risks ~ but then you get to discover what makes you happy.

Setting actual, realistic, solid goals has been the hardest part of this process.  When I began this new adventure, I knew that in addition to my artistic talents I have vision and determination (I may have mentioned some consider that stubbornness! haha)

I guess I always figured it would just happen; someday, somewhere, someone would offer me a lucrative contract or I would get grants/funding so I can create on my own time. (I’m still waiting.) I feared that by slowing down and maybe changing directions to look for additional pathways for financial freedom, I’d be giving up on my dreams.

I think a lot of times dreams die due to self-doubt ~ but if you have a vision of your dream flash into your mind, realize that it’s something already in you striving to get out. So don’t kill the dream ~ kill the self-doubt! (if you can’t kill it right away, shut it up with chocolate! haha!)

You may even find, much like I have, that it’s not the voice of self-doubt but the more annoying voice of necessity and realism. Figuring out what you need (and subsequently finding secondary financial means) does not mean giving up. Our spirits (and potential) are infinite so I’m going to continue to use my imagination, talent and drive to see beyond what is to what could be.

I’ll continue to follow my dreams… not in an idealistic, poorly planned, crash-and-burn way (I hope!), but instead with a positive outlook, goals and plans, and whatever assistance I get along the way!


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