Practice Fun!

I look at other blogs, websites, art sites (etc., etc.) and see so many wonderful examples of photography ~ so much similarity and so many differences… physical evidence that there is room in the world for all art!

Then, I look at my photography (of course I do, everyone compares their work to someone else’s) and think about the work that goes into showing those I deem “worthy” to be seen by the rest of the world. Honestly, few of my photographs get more than cropping to make them more visually interesting ~ some do get other “enhancements” but I actually don’t show publicly those that require much editing. (disclaimer: that’s my personal preference ~ some artists do more editing than I, and I think that’s great! yet another example of why there’s room for all art!!) I’m certain that, much like me, others pick and choose the pieces that they are most proud of to show.

As I’ve previously posted, when I do the photowalks and technique practices I take a lot (a lot, a lot, a lot!) of photographs. Believe me when I say, there are a lot of stinkers in the bunch! haha! Which is good, it helps me see what works, what doesn’t, and most importantly it helps me get out of my own way artistically.

Today I thought I’d show a couple of my first-ever Bokeh attempts. As you’ll see, there’s a learning curve from beginner to show-quality, and since I want to inspire others, I thought it was important to show these (even though normally I would not!) ~ the point is that I’m trying something new and that it takes practice.

These 2 particular shots I’ve tried 2 different shapes on the faux lens hood and a heavy black cardstock paper. I actually have about 10 different shapes cut and, I’ve used different colors of papers, too, which gives a really different effect from the color… I’m not showing those here since they are just plain blurry ~ and not in the good, bokeh way!

In this one I used a palm tree cutout for the shape (it kinda looks like an umbrella):

palm tree bokeh

and in this one, I used a butterfly shape:

butterfly bokeh

There’s clearly room for improvement. To me, they’re too blurry and would be better with a more obvious subject. Regardless, I kinda do like them, even though neither has the actual effect I was going for.

Hopefully this will inspire someone reading this to try something new. And instead of practicing for perfection (which, if it actually existed would be boring anyway) practice for fun!


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