Thorn Bush Has Roses

I heard from an old friend recently who has had some ~ lets call them “character-building” ~ situations come up recently. They could, quite frankly, be an angry mess and complain about what has happened. But instead they’ve chosen to look at it as simply the process of life… or “life’s roller coaster” as I call it.

The actual situation isn’t important. We all have similar instances where we can choose to bitch about life or let it go and move on. I know it’s difficult some days to be positive, especially when you’re going through something that is anything but positive.

And I suppose I could ramble on about how it’s healthier and you’re ultimately happier because you’re making the choice to look for the silver lining, but I won’t (you’re welcome! haha!)

Besides, President Lincoln pretty much got it spot on:


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2 thoughts on “Thorn Bush Has Roses

  1. Monica says:

    If we all took the time to stop and smell the roses… the world would be happier.. I just know it… the roses I have on my table are just beautiful and the whole kitchen smells amazing!


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