Conversation Starter

All I can think about today is the weather.

Conversation Starter

Sure, there certainly are a zillion stress-inducing, blood-pressure raising, head-shaking things I could be thinking and/or writing about, especially in light of recent tragic events… but why? To join the ranks of everyone else who is? No. Thank. You.

So let me get back to the weather.

I love storms. I find them soothing (I know, strange but true) and today is definitely the kind of day you curl up and read a good book ~ or, if you’re anything like me, you just relax and listen to the rain and thunder. (Did anyone else just flash on a little Bob Seger? ♫ woke last night to the sound of thunder ♫ how far off I sat and wondered ♫)

And you could also have your legs warmed by a large, white, ball-of-fur. Louden isn’t bothered by the storms. I’ve mentioned he’s mostly deaf, right? (I know he hears some things, but haven’t decided if he can’t hear other things or he’s just being very much a cat and is choosing not to hear them.) He just stretches and snores and goes about his business of being a cat ~ which, of course, means sleeping.

I don’t have any good rainy day photographs of Louden, but I do have this fantastic sunny day, truly enjoying the open window photograph…

Louden Chillin'

…which just cracks me up!  Legs crossed, leaning on his elbow ~ looks like he’s chillin’ just waiting for his moscato (or merlot) hahaha!

So, whatever the weather, I hope you’re enjoying it. If not, take a cue from Louden, either chill (and sip your wine!)… or take a nap. If just you wait a little bit, the weather will change soon enough anyway.



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