Photowalk 6

Just over a week ago, I did a photowalk on the riverfront

I went back today because we’ve gotten 5+ inches of rain in the last day or so, and more in places north of here, so there’s been a lot of area flooding. Where I could I tried to take close to the same(ish) photograph, I wasn’t able to get to the same places exactly ~ but I got close. The river is definitely out of its banks!

Set 1 ~ no longer postcard perfect:

postcard view flood Picturesque Waterfront

You can see that I’m further away (about 50 feet or so) and that the river is up to the middle of the river walk fence.

Set 2 ~ amphitheatre seats:

seats flood Seat Shadows

Again, I’m further away and had to step up on a blockade to get the shot (shhh, don’t tell anyone about the blockade… the nice firemen asked me to not do it again anyway!)

One last shot, as I was encouraged to “please get away from the river” ~ again showing it about 50-75 feet into the river walk park (a few feet above flood stage):

mississippi overflow

The ducks seem to be enjoying it though.

The firemen did say they’d take care of the flag ~ flying at half mast in honor of the Boston Marathon victims ~ before the water got too high.


2 thoughts on “Photowalk 6

  1. Michele Moore says:

    Amazing what a week can do. Was the fireman cute? 🙂


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