I’m finally planning my first multi-state photowalk ~ it’s just in the beginning stages, but it won’t take long for me to have it all put together. I have to say that I’m super-excited!!

My vision is for a range of photographs and will stop at least once in whatever states I go through.

collage of a few of my photographs

collage of a few of my photographs

I’m also putting together a Kickstarter project (waiting on the approval…) to help pay for incidentals and post-trip image production (the ‘rewards’ for pledges!) I’ll put an extra post on this blog when I’m approved and ready to accept donations and I’ll thank you in advance for any and all support!

In the meantime, enjoy your Sunday ~ wherever you are!

2 thoughts on “Excited!

  1. Karen mary says:

    Can’t wait to see your cleverly devised “kick-starter” program. My daughter has also used “kick-starter” and they are very selective. There are other similar sites out there if they don’t “approve” you–simply ask me! Your friend, Karen


    • artbycarol says:

      My niece did a pretty successful project a couple of years ago as well. Hopefully they’ll select me! However, I’m willing to seek funding where I can get it. I’ll definitely be picking your brain, thanks Karen!!


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