I’ve promised myself that I’d get my camera out at least a couple of times a week to play and take photos. Sometimes, however, I just don’t feel like leaving the house… or have been out doing errands (or whatever) and don’t feel like going back out with the camera.

So I took some photos of things around the house. What I ended up with was a mix of patterns and textures, but that I have some very distinct likes (loves?) ~ there are a few themes you’ll find more than others…

I really love sunflowers. For many reasons ~ but my favorite one is between one of my bestest friends and me… and it’s a secret!



Purple. I’m drawn to purple. I think I may have chosen the college I went to because purple was one of the school colors… (probably not, but it’s a great coincidence!)



Graphic, pop-art patterns. This one is my fave.



Butterflies… we’ve already talked about this. They’re all over the place!

yellow butterfly

yellow butterfly

green butterfly

green butterfly

I now know that on my down days, when I feel uber-lazy, that there are definitely things I can photograph without making a big production of “going out”… and it’s good news for Louden, too (he won’t have to ‘suffer’ in front of the camera as much, but he’s not totally off the hook!)

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