Mama’d be proud

It’s comforting to experience first-hand that which I already knew. Let me explain.

A stranger stopped to help me change my blown-out tire. Change that.

A very nice, concerned man named Doug stopped and took over changing my tire so I didn’t have to. And actually, I hit a piece of concrete and it damaged the rim but not the tire itself (weird) so it wasn’t really a blow-out… but if you happen to see a hub-cap for a Camry in a ditch let me know, we couldn’t find it.

I could go on but really I wanted to say that this random incident renewed my faith in 2 things:

  • most people are actually good and decent (but the bad stuff gets tv ratings) and
  • my belief in guardian angels (due to the sizable job of watching over me, mine either gets massive over-time and hazard pay or I have several! haha!)

Ordinary Angels

To me, Doug was an angel and I’m very grateful that (in his words) “his mama raised him right.”


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