Beautiful Path

My life’s path seems to have changed a zillion times (I mentioned I never, ever, ever exaggerate, right?! hehe!)

beautiful path

And in my re-intact “glass-is-half-full” way of looking at life, I think each path has been beautiful. In retrospect, even the ones where I discovered snakes, quick sand, and darkness, had their moments of beauty.

There’s a saying that goes something like: without darkness, you can’t see the stars shining. There has to be some darkness in order to appreciate the light and I definitely feel that the same goes for life in general. There must be some sadness/pain to realize the meaning of happiness. There must be some bad to realize the good.

Light needs dark to punctuate it; contrast it.

And (now, watch what I do here) its contrast that I live for as a photographer, too. (bam! relevance!)

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