Help a Sister Out

Today I’m directing you all to my Kickstarter project. You may have noticed this message at the bottom of recent posts:

Reminder: For the next few weeks I will continue to ask for support and pledges for my kickstarter project ~ please click on the link and thank you for your generosity!

I have about a week and a half to meet my goal of $1500.00. I have received some pledges, for which I am very thankful, but I’m still short of a successfully funded project. That’s where you come in!

To help you more with some visuals, this ‘collage’ is an example of the diversity and quality of my photographs.

Art by Carol Cook

In fact, one of those photographs is currently showing in LaPaz, Mexico (Yeah, that’s right, this chick is INTERNATIONAL! woo hoo!) and another one was a semi-finalist in a contest honoring artist Georgia O’Keeffe (hmmm… I wonder which one! haha!)

You’ll see that any amount will help ~ and with a successfully funded project, EVERYONE who pledged will receive a gift/reward based on the amount (listed on the kickstarter page)! That’s exciting, right?!?  I KNOW! WOW!

So please click on the link at the top of this post, check it out, choose a comfortable amount for you and help a sister out.


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