More than expected

Now that I think I’m getting the hang of the bokeh technique (although there is still so much, much more room for improvement!) I’ve started delving into capturing solar flares.

I’m working up a posting about it for tomorrow, but I just HAD to share this photograph separately! See if you can see why (hint: look at the top half of the photograph…)

could it be... my Guardian Angel looking down from Heaven?

could it be… my Guardian Angel looking down from Heaven?

Do you see it?

As I was out playing with my camera (uh… I mean being very professional and participating in a photowalk, of course!),  I dropped below a fern and shot up towards the sky thinking “this could make a really cool shot” ~ that is, if I got the flare and with the fern in the foreground.

Imagine my surprise when I load the photo onto my computer and, enlarged, I see a face?! I mean, there are so many things I love about this photograph:

  • the flare is perfect! (if I do say so myself!)
  • the sun dog to the left side is a pretty cool capture!
  • I even like the blurred fern and the tree crossing in the back of it!

But a face? A FACE! How freaking cool is that?! I haven’t been this stoked over a photograph for a long time! Really!

There you have it, folks! Proof of my Guardian Angel! (and a really cool photograph!)

3 thoughts on “More than expected

  1. Rich says:

    I saw the face immediately, Maybe it is my guardian angel looking down upon your photo Hmm! nonetheless it is a cool picture


    • artbycarol says:

      Thanks, I like it too! And sure, it could be yours, I’d be honored if yours were watching over me too! Regardless, I’d be happy to share any Guardian Angel with you 🙂


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