Solar Flares

Yesterday in my excitement, I mentioned that I was working on solar flare photographs. Done correctly, they give really cool effects from lines to dots. (Those are the technical terms, too! haha!)

Now, as far as I can tell, the main and most important part of this technique is to not look directly at the sun and burn your retina! This is NOT an old wives tale! haha! …but I suppose it is common sense though! 🙂

I’ve included 4 examples here, but if you happened to miss yesterday’s post, go back and check that one out! It’s really an awesome shot! (  or you should be able to just scroll down after the end of today’s post)

Through a tall pine:

look for the flare "dot" to the left of the tree...

look for the flare “dot” to the left of the tree…

From Navy Pier in Chicago looking at the Sears Tower (and yes, I know it’s called something else now, but it will always and forever be the Sears Tower to me):

Chicago Skyline

Chicago Skyline

With a daisy that I plucked right out of the ground and held up to do this on purpose, and I like that the flare is shapes rather than lines:



And at the beach, I like this one because I was at the beach!:

at the beach

at the beach

There are a lot of different ways to shoot this particular technique. I’d say other than the not burning your retina thing, the best way to do this is to take the lens cap off the camera and have fun! (the “fun” theme lives on!)


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