No surprise, I take a lot of photographs of flowers. I’ve decided it’s the pop of color that I like. But let’s be honest, not all flowers are interesting to look at… for very long anyway.

That’s why I also find ways to have fun with the techniques and/or the editing.

This particular editing tool is called “vignette”:





I simply used it to darken the edges to soften it and add some visual interest and depth. Kind of a mat included directly on the photograph. It’s a fairly flexible tool, allowing me to choose the darkness, size, fade and color of the vignette on each photograph.

I wasn’t always a fan of editing tools, but even I can see that a simple adjustment can make an average photograph more appealing. I’d rather have these hanging on my walls than without that tweak! Wouldn’t you?

Which reminds me, if you are interested in ANY photograph or poster you see on this blog, send me an email to inquire and/or order! I’ll have the online galleries back up and running in the near future, too… where you can also purchase anything you see!


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