Photowalk 8

I’m still in Florida! Well, in the photowalk photographs I am, anyway! I guess I did spend more time there than anywhere else, but I wasn’t aware of how many more photos I took until I started going through all of them!

Today I’m showing some of the wildlife I saw. Full disclosure: some of these were not “out in the wild” but taken at a safe distance from a safe place.



The next one was taken from a safe distance and place!

camo-gator  (not a real "thing" it's just that this gator was camouflaging itself in the swampy waters)

(that is not a real word… but that is a real gator that was camouflaging itself in the swampy waters)

These little dudes are quick & difficult to photograph ~ this one thought he was hiding from me at least, but I could only get one shot of him before he tore off:

the elusive camo-gecko

the elusive camo-gecko

I’m not the kind of photographer willing to risk my life for a photograph (yet. One of these days I may actually think it’s worth the risk!)

In the meantime, I’ll stay away from things like gators in the wild. And recommend you do also! Although I did go canoeing once and we got flanked by a 4 foot gator in the water… definitely don’t want to tip the canoe then, since that’s the only one we saw! There could’ve been more (and probably were! yikes!!!)

It’s fun going through the photos and re-living the trip… and I’m hoping you’re enjoying Florida with me so far!

Remember to get out and shoot! Have a great rest-of-your-day!

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