Photowalk 9 – FLora

FLora: a mash-up of Florida and Flora used by lazy clever bloggers! (that’s an excellent definition if I do say so myself! haha!)

It comes as little surprise that I am drawn to flowers. I do like to photograph many other subjects, but when it comes down to it, I shoot just about every flower (and weed!) I see.

What can I say? I like the way flowers color and soften the world.

I don’t, however, know names of most flora… botany ain’t my thing, I guess.

While I was in South Florida (yep, we’re still in Florida! yay!), I took these around the area where I stayed. Love the variety!

look like autumn or dead leaves, but these flowers are that color...

look like autumn or dead leaves, but these flowers are that color…

looking right at ya!

looking right at ya!

simply white

simply white

pretty pink

pretty pink

soft blue

soft blue

sleek red (and bokeh!)

sleek red (and bokeh!)

I’ve edited all of these photographs, some just cropped so the flower is the main event. Others I’ve adjusted the backgrounds so the colors pop. I do my best not to over-edit… although one of these days I’m going to play with editing options and make some really cool abstracts!

A few tips:

  1. When editing, don’t forget what your subject is.
  2. It’s okay to get up and walk away from your project. Tired eyes can really mess with good editing.
  3. Try not to over-do it! It’s tempting to want that red flower (barn, bike, bench, whatever) to stand out ~ but pay attention to the rest of the photograph… the clouds (sky, field, trees, etc) shouldn’t be hues of over-saturated reds, pinks and oranges… unless of course, that’s what your intent is for your final photograph.
  4. When in doubt, ask someone else to give you an honest critique of your photographs. Getting the opinion of someone who you respect will help you grow as an artist/photographer.
  5. Have FUN!! (of course!!)

Every day is a great day for photography!


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