Super Moon…


I tell ya, this “super moon” ain’t-so! It’s really kicking my butt! (Start waning, already!)

And it’s affecting Louden, too… as if I need him to be louder and more awake at night! (ahem, I do not!!!)

On top of that I didn’t do well with the photographs last night… and then the battery in the camera died (that wasn’t a surprise, it was flashing at me for a few days) but it does seem pretty appropriate for full moon phase, right?!

Regardless, I am sharing 2 of the photographs from my outing… one is not good. The other had different not-so-goodness.

This is what happens when you don’t have your settings correct for the shot ~ I forgot I had it on “auto-focus” for some experimenting from earlier in the day, not to mention that the aperture & shutter speed were wrong, too:


This next one is ok ~ a fairly clear shot of the moon, but I was so focused on it that I didn’t get anything else in the frame for comparison/contrast of the size and fullness of the moon:


I think there are other improvements that could be made, too. It’s a process.

The reason I share these kinds of photographs is to show that it takes time and patience and focus and diligence to get the results I’m looking for ~ and to emphasize that there is a difference between a photograph and a snapshot.

Not that there is anything wrong with a snapshot… unless, of course, like me, you are working as a professional photographer ~ then it’s really very important to know and see the difference!

It’s important to know and see the difference between editing and over-processing your photos, too ~ as I said in an earlier blog post, I’ve never seen a green sunset, so be purposeful with your editing ~ mistakes aren’t only made at the camera. (it helps have a friend/mentor you can show your work to that will give you constructive feedback)

Well… if Mother Nature cooperates, I’ll be back out tonight to see if I can do better! Then it’s onto other projects.

Don’t forget, we’re still photowalking up the state of Florida, then onward and northward! So keep an eye out for the next installment this week!

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