Daisy Fun

I’ve been playing around with more editing tools on my various programs. I’m an editing tools novice, at best.

Last time I used a simple “tint” tool, changing the color of the photograph and making it more modern and graphic ~ I considered them “warhol-esque” (that’s what I called the post that day, if you’d like to go back and look)

Today I tried out a simple spot color tool, altering the rest of the photograph to black and white.

I used my friendly daisy again:


I like its simplicity.

It’s interesting to look at my photographs with an editing tool in mind and seeing clearly that some are just not compatible. Kind of like a post-production photowalk!

I do have to say that I am finding I prefer the ones that abstract the photograph ~ as opposed to the specific editing tools that are used to change a background or edit out a flaw (I like flaws! Flaws are life!) ~ because they’re more fun to just let go and play with!

At least I’m having some fun learning these techniques for editing and finding out what I like. And it’s helping me continue to challenge myself and grow as an artist.

Maybe it’ll eventually change my style completely? Who knows!

For now I think I’ll just take it one technique or editing tool at a time…

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