Droppin’ knowledge bombs

BOOM! (that’s a knowledge bomb being dropped… hehehe!)

I got to share some photography and art knowledge this week!

I was hired to teach a teen who seems to be interested in photography ~ he’s definitely interested in birds. I was amazed at his memory skills. Just walking outside he could hear bird calls and know from what kind of bird they came. (I love it when I go to impart some knowledge and end up getting some more in return!)

Unfortunately, the birds did not get the memo to be cooperative with me and chose to hide up in the trees, or flit off too quickly for me to catch them digitally. Maybe another day…

On top of a great morning, I got to drive a bit in the country on my way home.

Ahhh… farm life:

old barn and silo ~ corn looks great!

old barn and silo ~ corn looks great!

more silos ~ good looking soybeans, too!

more silos ~ good looking soybeans, too!



The thing about teaching is that it can also be a great reminder of the simple “rules” of art and photography.

It can also, as it did for me, recharge creativity!

I have some new ideas for upcoming photowalks… right here where I live. I’ll still work towards visiting/photowalking other states, but there’s something freeing about appreciating and embracing “home”.

And, I sold 2 photograph images at my retail outlet recently too! (that has little to do with today’s subject, I just felt like sharing because I’m proud and happy that more of my photographs are going to new homes!)

*as a reminder, next Monday I will be putting a new “gallery” of sale items on my facebook page (www.facebook.com/ArtByCarolCook) ~ do you have to “like” the page to participate? no, but I’d sure love it if you would anyway!

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