Photowalk 15

Today we photowalk for the final time in Florida (again with the alliteration! fantastic! <–haha!)

We’re still in the Fernandina/Yulee/Amelia Island area ~ a bit further inland (as opposed to the beach) but the sentiment remains the same:


Afterall, this is Florida… it’s a vacation, right?

So sit back and enjoy the shade and the tall trees…

we could hike the path...

we could hike the path…

or lie back and enjoy the view of the tops of the tall pines

or lie back and enjoy the view of the tops of the tall pines

fyi ~ option #2 will take place from:



So I guess this wasn’t as much a “walk” as a sit-back-and-relax! And it’s also where the lines of the states start to blur. If I didn’t tell you this was north Florida, would you have known?

Me either.

I do hope you enjoyed the East Coast of Florida as I explored and frolicked… I enjoyed sharing it with you!

The next photowalks will be an amalgam of states. I’m considering making a game of it. I’ll share the photographs, you guess where I am!

Fun, huh?!

I think so, too!

A quick reminder:
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