Muy Bueno

Have I mentioned yet that my art has gone international? It has!

I mean besides this blog, LinkedIn & Facebook. We’re talkin’ actual, physical, matted and framed pieces of art.

These 2 pieces were chosen in a juried contest and are currently spending time in LaPaz, Mexico. (if you follow me on Facebook, you already know this since I posted about it when it happened. But it’s still pretty exciting, really!)

title: "Liquidity"

title: “Liquidity”

title: "Red Leaves"

title: “Red Leaves”

I’m pretty proud of their travel, although a bit envious that they are somewhere I’ve not yet been! (geez!)

(why yes, I do have similar prints for sale thanks-for-asking! click on the links at the bottom of the post for more info)

Part of me being an artist is to enter contests and competitions. I try to enter 4–6 juried competitions per year in addition to open contests. And, while I do love the recognition when I do well, I also do it to keep improving my skills and techniques. I’ve said before, I prefer to do very little ‘work’ on the computer other than cropping (and adding watermarks/text)

The more I practice and enter/get feedback from juried competitions, the better I am behind the lens.

Full disclosure:
I admit it! Actually being out in nature taking photographs ~ whether it be of a wedding, engagement, sporting event or nature itself (mountains, beach, ocean, forest) or animals (a 17 pound white cat comes to mind… hehe!) ~ is a lot more fun (there’s that word again!) than sitting at a computer.

Speaking of…
Have a great rest of your Monday! If you’re looking for me, I’m outside… behind the lens.

Links to my online photography sale for your convenience.  I will keep the sale up until they’re all sold ~ or until the end of July! Send me a note if you have any questions. For details, prices and to view images, click on this link: OR this one to my facebook page and click on the “Online Sale!!” album: again, you don’t have to be on facebook to purchase!

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