Bird on a Wire


You’re hanging out in the back yard with your cat (and camera, of course!), laughing at him as he stalks and chases birds.

(It’s only funny because he’s not catching them… otherwise it’d be gross!)

Anyway, something moving on the top of the utility pole catches your eye, so you look.

And this is what you see:


That’s a full size hawk, in full on hunt-mode, folks!

Want to know how long it takes for you to scoop up your cat and high-tail it into the house?

Betcha it’s around 30 seconds or so!

Of course, it’d probably take less time with a normal size cat…

and if you don’t stop to take a photograph…

just sayin’…

Hey, did you notice to the left? I finally got the poster gallery up and functional on my imagekind website ~ all you have to do is click on the link in the left column or click this to see all images:

And the daily reminder: online photography sale links below ~ I will keep posting until they’re all sold or until the end of July (but I’d prefer they sell!) Send me a note if you have any questions. For details, prices and to view images, click on this link:


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