Local Exploration

I’ve been out and about the town, taking photographs of seasonal flowers. There are just about a zillion (no, really!) places to take said photographs, too.

It seems the most logical place to find seasonal flora of any kind would be the Botanical Center, right? Well, it was a bit disappointing flower-wise, but not without interest:

plant & metal sculpture (lovely for photo-ops)

plant & metal sculpture

Nice…I’m guessing there have been more than a few wedding parties posed here.

That's one big butterfly!

That’s one big butterfly!

Ok, it’s a bench. And I’m sure it’s also for your photo-op pleasure.



A bit more difficult to pose with! haha!

And what are these? Truffula Trees?

if you look really close you might be able to see the Lorax!

if you look really close you might be able to see the Lorax!

Thank you Dr. Seuss! haha!

Alright, I did get a few photographs of actual flowers. And I also found a public Rose Garden nearby (no, not at 1600…) that has a number of different varieties.

But the one main thing I learned is that private home owners do a great (sometimes better) job at floral landscapes and I’ve yet met one who doesn’t love to chat about their flowers and have them photographed.

Thanks, neighbors!


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