Wonder what I’ve been doing on this beautiful summer Monday?

Just a bit of experimenting with my photographs!

I’m feeling that it’s (past) time for me to break out of my usual and hop, skip & jump into the abstract.

I love Pop-Art.

And like many others, Warhol is one of the first artists I think of and look to for inspiration.

If you remember from not so long ago, this was my first attempt:


I personally love that and would hang it in my own home (maybe it already is on my wall!?!)

But I want to keep pushing it outside the box!

So here’s what I’ve done the past few days:


Bright colors and a bit of detail (but not too much!) — I like it!

I’m definitely getting closer! I’ll keep trying (it’s FUN!) I’m really enjoying pushing myself to a totally different artistic space.

When I get a few more together, I’ll get them up on my gallery site for sale!

Oh. And speaking of sales…

The online photography sale is in its final days!! 

For details, prices and to view images, click on this link: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.663633233666003.1073741826.118770594818939&type=1&l=595342e732


click this one to my facebook page (I’d love it if you “like” the page, but it’s not required to see the sale!) : www.facebook.com/ArtByCarolCook

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