Scenic path

I’ve read in many places that “doing what you love improves your whole life ~ your mood, your health, your relationships… everything.” (Sounds good!)

Finding and following my path then, it would seem, will help me travel toward those things I love. (I’d say!)

That’s why I’ve chosen a life to follow my passion for art and photography.

Another advantage is, that by choosing to live the life I want, it can also open doors and bring new and exciting opportunities my way. (I’m totally all for that!)

The path that I am meant for is the one that takes me through all the life events, challenges & lessons I am destined for (you know about my “life is a roller coaster” theory, right?!) regardless of fears that come up when I jump outside my comfort zone… with both feet.


(quick note ~ the above photo is from Colorado. That’s where I see my path, regardless of where it leads!)

It’s the scenic route of that roller coaster path that offers you all the good stuff, and hopefully avoids most of the bad stuff (unless, of course, you’re supposed to learn a lesson… but then that would make it good stuff… but I digress. haha!)

I suppose we all need a little help figuring out what the best path for each of us is ~ and more importantly, the courage (and encouragement!) to follow it when it appears.

So as I take these new steps to following my path and passion, I ask for encouragement & positive well-wishes from you ~ and I return them to each of you as you find/follow your path.

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