Tips: part deux

Had a few more tips written down to share!

1. Don’t overlook mundane subjects for photography.
You might not see anything interesting to photograph in your living room or your backyard, but try looking at familiar surroundings with fresh eyes. You might catch an interesting trick of the light or find some unexpected flowers (insects, animals, etc…) in your yard. Often a simple subject makes the best shot.


2. Take advantage of free resources to learn.
Browse through online images or photo websites. Also, your local library probably has a wealth of books on all types of photography. Librarians are one of my favorite resources!


3. Experiment with your camera’s settings.
Your point and shoot is more flexible and powerful than you realize! Read the manual (or better yet watch the dvd that came with it!) for help deciphering all those little symbols. As you explore, try shooting your subjects with multiple settings to learn what effects you like. When you’re looking at your photos on a computer, you can check the photograph data (usually in the file’s properties) to recall the settings you used.


4. Learn the basic rules of photography.
The amount of information about photography online can be overwhelming. Search articles on composition or perspective. Be open to what more experienced photographers have to say about technique. It’s more fun to break the rules if you know them first! (that’s my mantra! haha!)


5. Take photos regularly.
Try to photograph something at least once a week. If you can’t do that, make sure you take time to practice regularly, so you don’t forget what you’ve learned. An excellent way to motivate yourself is by doing items on the list (in yesterday’s tips)

Don’t be afraid to experiment!!

Especially since you’re most likely using a digital camera, the cost of errors is free ~ it’s even well worth the time you spend.

Go crazy! You might end up with something you like.

You’ll certainly learn a lot in the process.

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