It’s that easy

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to do anything when you have no motivation?

Well the good news is you can actually choose to be inspired instead (yay!) simply by shifting into a more positive state of mind.

I’m saying this because earlier today I was feeling a bit unmotivated ~ I think I’ve already said that I’m committed to writing or posting every day on this blog so I knew that I had to stop avoiding and choose to get something done.

So, surprise-surprise (not!) I’ve been playing around a little with the editing tools again.

Fun thing today was that I found that some of the text options allow more than just letters and numbers.

This makes me happy.


Okay! Done and done!

In fact, I was having such a good day after that, I almost forgot to post! (geez!!)

A little tweak in how I viewed my day changed my entire day AND I learned something new.

Now THAT is a happy day!

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