Comic Pop

I guess Monday’s are for playing with editing tools.

More to the point: I really like playing with the ones that abstract my photographs into something pop-art-ish.

And guess what?

I found another one! This one adds the dots like in old comic strips, which is one of my favorite styles (genre?) of art.

Homage to the Comic Strip!

Something like this:


I’ve noticed that I am preferring the busier photographs when I pop ’em like this ~ so far, anyway.

The thing I will continue to remind you all is that this is digital, so keep experimenting! It’s not permanent. If you don’t like how your editing is turning out, simply click cancel or undo and then try something else.

Much like taking photographs, the key to remember is to practice and do and continue to grow and try new things!

So you do that, then.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll just have to keep playing & having fun… darn it! (hehe!)

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