Sometimes I head out with my camera with a specific “assignment” in mind ~ flowers, a specific color, shadows, up, down, cat, etc. (you get the idea!)

And then there are times that what I find and photograph, I didn’t even imagine ahead of time.

Remember a little while ago I posted the door decor “Lips with fruit mustache”? (if you missed it, the post is called “Door Decor” and it’s my July 31st post)

Who (besides that homeowner) would’ve thought that up?! (it was cool lookin’ though!)

Along those lines, may I introduce you to “M’Lady Bug”


You have to know I absolutely love this… truly! Kudos to the originator!

What’s not to love?! It’s PHantastic (shout out, sisters!)

I want it for my yard!

It wasn’t for sale though (can you say craft project??)

I also admit that once I saw the fruit mustache lips, I decided that an ongoing photowalk subject for me is “Surprising or Unexpected Residential Decor” ~ so break out your strangest lawn ornaments world, I’m coming to photograph them!!

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