Flower critter

Another day, another find!

Say hello to my little friend!

flower? or alien?

flower? or alien?

And now, the story!

I saw this little dude a few weeks ago in the backyard, but I was camera-less! (oh no!) So I made a mental note to come photograph it when my task at hand was complete. When I went back out a few hours later… it was GONE!

Exhibit "A"

Exhibit “A”

Yes, that is the exact same plant ~ sans critter! Fast forward to a few days ago and BOOM! it reappears!

Exhibit "B"

Exhibit “B”

And guess what? I just now went out there to check and…

it’s gone again…

we’re being watched… or are we?!

ooooh… spooky!

Is it a sun/heat sensitive weed?


Is it because it’s not allowed to be on this planet during a full moon phase?


Who can say for sure?!

See why I keep saying ‘have your camera with you at all times!’?!?

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