Yep, it’s Summer!

Let me say first that, while I may comment on the weather, I don’t complain about the weather.


Complaining won’t change the weather.

(psst, complaining doesn’t change anything, except maybe the complainers blood pressure! just sayin’! haha!)

Plus, I live in a 4-season climate by choice. Call me crazy (hey, Crazy! haha!) but I like that change of seasons, which is why I moved back to this kind of climate.

Give me the winter cold (and snow ~ snow makes everything so pretty!) AND the summer heat! YEAH!

Having said that, the heat index is about 109°F here today.

But, instead of complaining, I’ll just be very, very, very grateful for air conditioning… and for that slight breeze for those moments I choose to venture outside and breathe in some fresh air.

I’m not sure my feline companion ~ who is a Floridian by birth, by the way ~ supports or agrees with me on this. He is not a fan of this weather at all

However, he insists on going outside, where he is clearly not comfortable:


On most days, it takes some coaxing and carrying to get him to come back inside. Not on days like this. He’s more than ready and willing to walk back inside on his own!

I think it’s because he knows they’re called the “dog days” of summer! (lol!)

Then again, I suppose I’d be panting if I wore an Angora sweater 24/7/365! haha!

Of course, you don’t have to ask ~ he’s taking it all in stride…


…or in snooze!

Louden’s life is so rough, isn’t it!?

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