Bugs 2: The Addendum

Remember these from yesterday?





I told you I’m not good with bugs, but when they were in the exact same place today as yesterday, I took my shoe and nudged one. It dropped to the ground.

So I nudged the other. It didn’t move. So I did it again, only to find that they aren’t the actual cicadas (yeah, I knew that’s what they were the whole time, I just prefer ‘bug’! haha!)

Again, I was as much grossed out as fascinated… and this time I picked one up! It was about the weight of tissue paper (and not nearly as creepy as if it were the actual bug! haha!) and up close you can see how amazingly detailed they are.

Look at those photos again. How cool are they now that you know the truth?

Answer: super-cool!

But still a bit skin-crawly, too! (I know, right?!?!)

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