Photowalk 20

Today’s photowalk is brought to you by the letters “U” and “P”



Sometimes the photowalks aren’t about a specific destination. Sometimes they’re about a theme.

Sunny Day...

solar flare through the leaves

(of course, I totally love the solar flare!)

clouds relflecting the sunset...

clouds reflecting the sunset

And there’s always something to be found on/around the pergola:

Mourning Doves nesting atop the pergola

Mourning Doves nesting

They both were giving me the stink-eye for getting so close, too!

There are seemingly unlimited ‘themes’ to choose from when I do my photowalks. I have a list that I add to regularly and I don’t necessarily cross anything off that list even though I’ve featured it here.

I also have some ongoing themes, too – like ones that take a specific subject through the seasons, or the alphabet/numbers.

And of course, there are more states to explore!

But today, I simply looked up.

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