I’m blessed with many great people in my life! It may seem at times that I take that for granted, but believe me when I tell you, I don’t.

Out of those many greats, I have a few people I consider to be my closest friends.

Recently I got a call from one of those few very special people. Our talks are pretty much the same(ish) every time we speak ~ we laugh, discuss, plan, bs and laugh some more. I rarely, if ever, hang up without a smile on my face. (oh, who am I kidding? I always have a smile on my face after we talk!)

Anyway, one of the first things I’m asked is what’s been going on ~ to which I immediately answer “Nothing. What’s going on with you.” And he stops me and points out that it’s not possible that “nothing” had been going on. So he started asking questions.

Getting me to tell one thing about even my most recent days (simply what did I do on Labor Day for example) was like pulling teeth.

At one point I was reminded that we no longer live near each other so anything I did would be something.

Still, I was struggling with even the most obvious things ~ which, of course, I remembered after we hung up.

All of this made me think about how I seem to just blindly go through most of my days…


Wait, Me?

The one who reminds everyone else to treasure moments with people they love and to notice the beauty in even the “smallest” things in life.

Oh geez ~ ME!

Wow. What a jolt… and what a great reminder!

no matter how seemingly 'insignificant'

no matter how seemingly ‘insignificant’

So if he asked me today,  instead of saying “nothing” I would say ~ I fed my cat and played with him, I hung out in the backyard with my Mom, I edited photos, I did my administrator work for the facebook pages I manage, I cooked, I went for a bike ride and did some yoga (and invited the 2 people at the park shelter to join me… they uncomfortably declined), I found 2 more photography contests to enter, I started applying for a new studio space, I “facebooked” (which I do a lot…), I read, listened to some music, texted, emailed, googled, surfed the internet, I made a blog poster and I’m writing this.

Thank you, my dear, for reminding me to be awake and appreciative of life.

Gratitude for my life opens me up to be more appreciative of other’s lives, too.

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