Chasing Butterflies

Drawn in by an elusive butterfly again! (and not the old Glen Campbell song, either… it’s a good one, but it’s no Gentle on My Mind! hehe!)

This type of butterfly is called a Red Admiral (I think… I’m no expert or anything… but I saluted, just in case! haha!!)

It started out on the bricks on the floor of the pergola:


Then flitted up to the top of the pergola:


But finally it let me get fairly close (of course, it may have just conceded landing because I might have worn it out from following it around the yard and it needed a rest… or it’s really friendly!) anyway, it landed on the seat of the swing :


Tired? or Friendly? Regardless, at least it posed in the nicest way possible for me! You can even see the texture/colors and the tips of the antennae ~ really cool, huh?

Now, you all know I like to look up symbolism and stuff, right? So, what I found is that an orange & black butterfly that lets you get close (or flits around you) is a symbol of luck and/or new beginnings.

I like it!

Thanks, Admiral!

PS: Today is post #200!! Thanks for taking this adventure with me ~ hope you stick around for more!

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